Environmental Services

Industrial Wastewater Management

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • De-icing/anti-icing fluid management
  • Flood control

Stormwater Management

  • Water-resources consulting: water, wastewater, recycled water, industrial waste, storm drainage, sanitary sewer
  • Regulatory compliance for solid and hazardous waste
  • Waste stream characterization
  • Source reduction/pollution prevention
  • Spill prevention planning
  • Emergency response plans

Environmental Permitting and Compliance

  • Environmental planning and permitting
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Environmental management systems
  • Database management
  • Wetlands contamination issues
  • Training
  • Litigation support
  • Permitting: Air, Water, Construction


  • Phase I and II environmental audits
  • Environmental investigations/due diligence for property transfers
  • Tenant compliance audits
  • Soil and groundwater investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Remedial design, construction, and O&M
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Sediment management
  • Pipeline corrosion studies
  • Characterization and risk assessment of dredge material
  • Brownfields and site redevelopment
  • Litigation support

Engineering Services

Airfield Planning, Design & Construction Support

  • Airfield planning and design in compliance with new FAA security requirements
  • GIS applications for Security Response Plans
  • Utilities evaluation and protection
  • Grading and drainage
  • Flexible/rigid pavement
  • Pavement design and management plans
  • Demolition and redevelopment
  • Runways, taxiways, and aprons
  • Electric power distribution
  • Emergency power supply
  • Airfield lighting systems
  • Fire protection and alarms
  • Striping
  • Security fencing, monitoring, and communications

Program & Construction Management

  • Construction management
  • Design/build contracts
  • Bidding
  • Contract administration
  • Field inspection
  • Testing coordination
  • Shop drawing review
  • Record drawings management
  • Permit applications
  • Startup and commissioning

Utilities & Facilities Infrastructure

  • Evaluation, studies, and comprehensive plans
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Cost estimating
  • Specifications
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic studies
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Procurement and construction
  • Utility systems: water, wastewater, recycled water, industrial waste, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, natural gas, telecommunications

Landside Project Support

  • Airport Layout Plan (ALP) design
  • Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant pre-application and application support
  • Civil support to airport planning consultants
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering
  • Roads, walkways and parking areas

Aviation Support Facilities

  • Maintenance and operations buildings
  • Hangars
  • Pedestrian bridges and walkways
  • Fuel pumping and storage facilities

Computer-based Management Decision Tools

  • Geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Security response plans
  • Environmental data management
  • Project websites
  • Project management and controls
  • Document management
  • TimePics™ application to gate utilization
  • Asset management