Beginning Your Career

Recent Graduates & Interns — you have learned about engineering principles; you’ve studied geotechnical matters; you’ve spent time in field studies; you’re passionate about the environment and practices of sustainability. But how do you take this knowledge and this passion and develop a career? Where can you start?

One possibility is to begin working as an intern. Kennedy/Jenks acknowledges that consulting is not the best choice for everyone. An internship is one way to help determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Our employees tell us that what they love best about Kennedy/Jenks is both the work they do and the people they work with. This speaks to our practice, developed since 1919, which has a keen focus on water, wastewater, and environmental issues, and to the practice of how we treat each other – with respect and responsibility.

Recent college grads don’t get bored here; they get challenged. And interns don’t get assigned to the copy room; they get to do “real” work.

When considering recent grads and interns, we try to find people who share our passion for the specific kind of projects we do, in addition to being self-motivated, curious, lifelong learners.

In recent years, Kennedy/Jenks interns have worked on water line design, equipment selection, hydraulic modeling, database evaluations, master planning, submittal reviews, sample collection, CAD drafting, research and more. Some of our interns join Kennedy/Jenks following graduation, and others have gone on to work for our clients.

So when you consider working as a consultant, consider an internship at Kennedy/Jenks.