Developing Your Career

No matter where you are in your career or what position you hold at Kennedy/Jenks, it is imperative that you keep learning. It is vital to the firm’s success to be an organization that values learning. It is our knowledge, more than anything, that benefits our clients.

What does a learning organization look like?

  • A company that encourages creative thinking and innovation
  • Adaptive behaviors and work methods to respond to economic, technical, and/or political challenges
  • Listening and learning from colleagues and competitors
  • Taking risks beyond our experience and mastering new knowledge
  • Individuals curious in their chosen fields and accountable for their own personal and professional growth.

As such, Kennedy/Jenks is committed to employee development and allocates significant time and budget to provide opportunities for staff to learn and to position themselves for career advancement.

Professional Organizations and Certifications

Kennedy/Jenks believes that professional associations stimulate continual learning and help employees keep current on developments in our field. The company supports active involvement in a variety of professional organizations. Also, support is provided for advanced degrees in the form of tuition reimbursement. Professional certifications or licenses are also supported by reimbursement for study courses and associated fees.


Career paths may blossom over an employee’s work life. These paths may focus on technical issues, management, business development, operations, and/or administration. At the heart of each path are the employee’s mentors. A mentor serves as advisor, coach, and confidant.. In turn, the individual also mentors others.

Tech Excellence

TECH EX is a unique event where K/J employees meet to celebrate the varied and innovative technical work that we do, listen to our fellow employees share their experiences, learn what the market and our clients need, and network with folks from around the firm.

K/J University (K/J You)

K/J You is a compendium of the formal training courses the firm offers. Innovative offerings evolve as the firm adopts new practices, adapts to new markets and information, and embraces new technologies. Programs and courses are continually updated, and new methods of teaching and learning are adopted. In short, KJ You is an organic effort within our firm to keep us all moving forward, both individually and as a firm.

New Professional Group

Our New Professionals Initiative is for K/J employees with less than 10 years of professional experience in their current field.  All backgrounds (technical, marketing, administrative, etc.) are welcome. The goal is to encourage and stimulate the minds and careers of new professionals in an atmosphere which facilitates open communication with co-workers, mentors, and superiors in an attempt to understand and retain more employees while bridging the generation gap and moving forward as a stronger firm.