Reclaimed Water Program, U.S. Presidio Trust

San Francisco, California

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants prepared a recycled water master plan at the Presidio. The Plan intended to showcase the use of innovative and energy-efficient treatment technologies to create an economically viable and sustainable project for the future. The Presidio has significant landscape that will be irrigated. However, the Trust was most interested in using recycled water for more progressive uses, such as internal toilet flushing, environmental/wetlands enhancements, industrial cooling, landscape pond features at the proposed Lucas Digital Arts Center, and 1-mW micro co-generation plant.

In addition, a regional project will be investigated with the City and County of San Francisco. Satellite treatment is planned to skim flows from wastewater interceptors and use advanced treatment technologies, such as membrane bioreactors and ultraviolet light disinfection. Investigation of partnering and funding opportunities and preparation of a master plan and environmental assessment documents are included.