Left: Harry Jenks piloting biofilterization, 1927;
Right: Construction of sewage treatment works, Phoenix AZ, 1930s


Clyde Kennedy

1919Clyde C. Kennedy opens an engineering office in San Francisco, California

1927 – 1929Clyde Kennedy designs first sewage treatment plants for the Cities of Reno and Sparks

1933Harry N. Jenks, who worked for Clyde Kennedy, starts his own engineering practice






Harry Jenks

1948Harry Jenks designs secondary treatment plant for Sanitary District No. 1 in Marin County

1955Engineering Office of Clyde C. Kennedy opens Southern California office in L.A.

1959Kennedy’s company changes its name to Kennedy Engineers






Robert Kennedy

1964John H. Jenks forms Jenks & Adamson

1973Planning commences on East Bay Dischargers Authority – a Kennedy Engineers and Jenks & Adamson joint venture

1976Jenks & Adamson becomes Jenks & Harrison






John Jenks

1980Kennedy Engineers and Jenks & Harrison join to form Kennedy/Jenks Engineers

1986Kennedy/Jenks and Chilton Engineering join to form Kennedy/Jenks/Chilton

1991Firm settles on current name: Kennedy/Jenks Consultants





Richard Kennedy

2003GTA Engineering joins firm

2007Meurer & Associates joins firm

2009Kennedy/Jenks Consultants celebrates  its 90th anniversary

2010Engineering Solutions, Inc. joins firm