Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan, Poseidon Resources Corp.

San Diego, California

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants served as part of a team led by Poseidon to gain approval for its new desalination plant in Carlsbad, California, which will serve nine local communities. The 50-mgd plant, the country’s largest, will employ seawater reverse osmosis membrane technology (SWRO). Even though California’s AB 32 did not apply to Poseidon, the company volunteered to make the plant carbon-neutral, and Kennedy/Jenks worked alongside other team members to develop the “Energy Minimization and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan” (Plan) to make this happen.

This Plan is the first of its kind for a major California infrastructure project, and the first to go through the new climate change regulatory process. The Plan was based on protocols adopted by the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR). It was reviewed by the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission, and California Air Resources Board. Kennedy/Jenks helped Poseidon navigate the complex, ground-breaking regulatory process and resolve numerous issues to gain approval.