Process Wastewater Design and Construction

California Winery

Kennedy/Jenks provided engineering design and permitting support services for a large winery in the process of installing a second wastewater sump, pump station and center-pivot distribution system for application of winery process wastewater to three separate field areas. Kennedy/Jenks developed the detailed design for the two phases of the system, which included:

  • Balancing the cut and fill earth work for the two 250,000-gallon sumps;
  • Determining details of the sump’s liner system;
  • Incorporating prescreening for trash and debris prior to discharge to the sumps;
  • Addressing the potential need for mixing and aeration within the sumps to minimize solids settling and nuisance odors;
  • Optimizing the pump stations, valves and piping location and sizing; and
  • Providing construction oversight services for both systems during installation.

During completion of the design, Kennedy/Jenks coordinated with the Regional Water Quality Control Board on behalf of the winery to complete the permitting process. Extensive technical discussions were involved in negotiating the permit to construct and operate the systems.