Large Pipe and Pipe Rehabilitation

The Kennedy/Jenks pipeline team is one of the deepest, most experienced in the industry. Pipelines are an integral part of utility systems, though they often have been of lower priority.  Kennedy/Jenks has designed some of the largest diameter interceptors in the country. The group has completed designs and installations of pipelines up to 144-inch in diameter and up to 20 miles in length.

System elements include air release/vacuum valves, flow metering systems, pressure regulating stations, blow-offs and control valves. Experience not only includes traditional open-cut construction methods, but also trenchless technologies for rehabilitation of older systems and for new installations in congested areas, such as microtunneling, bore and jack, and slip-lining, and techniques for installations in rock and other difficult strata.


Today as never before, utilities need accurate, detailed information on the actual condition of underground piping networks and the best options for repair. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants offers a systematic process to inspect underground assets and identify the critical actions to maintain pipeline systems, including:

  • Condition Assessment of Pipelines
  • Determine Criticality, Risk, and Priorities
  • Develop Rehabilitation/Replacement Alternatives
  • Implement Multi-Year, Phased Strategy
  • Estimate Preliminary and Final Probable Costs
  • Mapping and Information Management