Fill Site 1 and Landfill 2 Remediation and Site Restoration Project

The Presidio Trust, San Francisco

Kennedy/Jenks provided The Presidio Trust with design services to implement the preferred remediation alternative identified in the Remedial Action Plan (Plan) for Fill Site 1 and Landfill 2. Kennedy/Jenks developed design documents to reflect the proposed future land uses in the areas, which include re-establishment of historic forest in the area of Landfill 2, creation of a native plant community in the northwestern portion of Fill Site 1, and construction of a practice ball field in the southeastern portion of Fill Site 1.

Design efforts were coordinated with the Trust’s Forestry, Natural Resources, and Planning departments responsible for this future land development, respectively. The project required technical consideration and protection for natural and cultural resources, including serpentine grassland habitat; wetlands; bird nesting; a historic dam; a historic water supply tunnel; and a historic brick incinerator. Kennedy/Jenks was responsible for preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates for excavation, transportation, and offsite disposal of approximately 80,000 tons of impacted soil, as well as post-soil removal site restoration features. Kennedy/Jenks’ project responsibilities also included budget scoping and tracking, coordination with various stakeholders and regulatory agencies, technical support for preparation of a CEQA Initial Study, work plan preparation, erosion control, drainage, planting, and irrigation improvements within the area of soil disturbance.