Energy and Emissions Strategic Plan – Encina Wastewater Authority

Encina, California

As a committed leader in environmental stewardship, the Encina Wastewater Authority retained Kennedy/Jenks to develop an Energy and Emissions Strategic Plan for its water pollution control facility. The plan moves the Authority toward energy independence, while maximizing return on investment and the use of alternative/renewable energy resources. The Plan first identified the savings and costs of a series of energy-efficiency measures (EEMs) and process optimization opportunities by performing an energy audit and a process audit.

Following the facility analysis, several renewable resource technologies were researched and considered in seeking energy independence. A detailed evaluation of alternative technologies was performed. The criteria included operations costs and savings (including incentives), maturity and reliability, air emissions, and environmental impacts. The adopted Plan will enable the facility to meet its 95% electrical energy self- generation goal by 2020 and will avoid $3.1 million in purchased energy costs.