Fast Track Conduit Relocation – Castaic Lake Water Agency

Santa Clarita, CA

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provided project management, coordination and design services for approximately 2,500 feet of 60-inch steel pipeline.  The project included connection to the Agency’s existing 84-inch Treated Water pipeline and 33-inch Honby Lateral.  In addition, the pipeline alignment crossed a significant portion of a recently approved housing development which required extensive coordination with the developer.  The developer will construct the project and coordinate the design elements with Kennedy/Jenks.

The Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) needed to relocate approximately 2,800 feet of large-diameter concrete cylinder water pipeline (CCP). Since the pipeline was a major component of the Agency’s distribution system, it could not be taken out of service for more than a month. The existing 54-inch diameter pipeline ran through undeveloped land in a rapidly urbanizing community.

When development plans required that the pipeline be moved, CLWA decided to relocate the pipeline into a new 8-lane roadway that was under construction just north of the property.

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants had previously replaced a portion of CLWA’s CCP pipeline with a thicker steel pipeline section when a new 6-lane roadway was built over it. This added approximately 20 feet of pipeline cover. The CCP pipe that was removed was transferred to a major intersection just north of the existing pipeline, backfilled with less cover, and left for later reconnection. When CLWA decided to relocate the entire section of CCP pipeline to the 8-lane roadway, the move was facilitated because an important portion of CCP pipe was already in place.

Kennedy/Jenks analyzed the existing pipeline alignment and lay sheets, then reorganized the 32-ft.-long segments into a new alignment, fitting together the pipe segments as one would rearrange a jigsaw puzzle in a different way.  We designed new steel components, designed bypass piping for a retail water distributor, and relocated valves, manways, pump-outs, AVARs, and flexible couplings.  Finally, we reconnected the realigned pipeline to the existing pipeline in the intersection and to the existing pipeline at each end and placed the pipeline back in operation.

The pipeline relocation project was cost-effective and efficient. The pipeline was moved and installed, back-filled, tested, disinfected, reconnected, and placed back in service all within four weeks.  Since the existing segments of 54-inch CCP pipe were reused, CLWA realized significant cost savings in materials.  Relocating the pipeline to a roadway also provided easier access for future repairs and maintenance.