Design and On-Call Services, SBSA Regional Wastewater Facilities

Redwood City, California

For more than 30 years, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants has collaborated closely with the South Bayside System Authority (SBSA). Working as an extension of SBSA’s staff, we have built common values, concerns, and mutual trust – and developed efficient solutions. Kennedy/Jenks planned, designed, and managed construction of a new $50 million, 24-mgd regional wastewater facility.

Completed in 1986, the plant had exceptionally high solids removal in the primary clarifiers and BOD removal through the fixed-film reactors, easily meeting the California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s effluent requirements of 8 mg/l suspended solids (SS) and 10 mg/l biological oxygen demand (BOD).

In 2006, Kennedy/Jenks completed planning for staged expansion to 29-mgd average dry weather flow and 71-mgd peak wet weather flow. Design and construction of improvements to 26.5 mgd is complete.