Our job is to put ourselves in your shoes from the very start of your development or redevelopment project. Our track record is a history of effective strategies, formulated hand in hand with our clients, to steer their redevelopment projects to timely completion.

Keeping Projects on the Critical Path to Success

In recent years, Kennedy/Jenks has executed hundreds of environmental projects involving property redevelopment, property transfers, due diligence, site characterization, remediation, and other services for real estate clients.

To each project, we contribute the benefits of a broad range of experience – spanning industrial and commercial sites, the private and public sectors, from a few acres to more than 170 acres and multi-million-dollar construction costs.

Our team of professionals is experienced in evaluating the risks of developing properties on contaminated sites. We have a vast amount of experience evaluating mixed-used infill properties and their stricter cleanup requirements.

Cost-Effective, Timely Site Assessment and Remediation

If contamination is found on a property, our team of geologists, engineers, and scientists assesses the extent and nature of the contamination and develops cleanup strategies to match the expected use of the site. To minimize cost and schedule impacts, we develop remediation strategies in conjunction with overall site planning. For instance, contaminated soil may be placed under roadways, areas unsuitable for occupied buildings can be made into green zones, and groundwater treatment equipment can be located in underground vaults.

Expediting Regulatory Approval

Our history of successful planning and negotiation toward environmental compliance on behalf of clients has earned us the respect of those at the highest levels of the regulatory community.  Kennedy/Jenks offers an unusually extensive knowledge of environmental conditions throughout the West, and unusually strong relationships with regulators, which allows us to strategize effective paths toward rapid regulatory approvals for redevelopment projects.

From Infrastructure to Construction Support

Beyond site cleanup, Kennedy/Jenks provides extensive services for initial site development. Drawing on our core experience of more than 85 years supplying water and wastewater services, we offer:

  • Master planners experienced with utility and infrastructure
  • Permit and regulatory negotiation specialists
  • Engineers for pipeline, pump station. and treatment plant design
  • Construction managers
  • Experts in conservation and water reuse (early planning of recycled water can be a key component to success)
  • Complete wastewater treatment facility services for projects in states requiring no impact to existing POTW facilities