Salt and Nutrient Management

Our approach to salt and nutrient (SN) planning focuses on the key issues and benefits while addressing each element of an SN Plan.  Our road map includes a technical approach linked with stakeholder outreach.

Kennedy/Jenks offers technical expertise in all areas of salt and nutrient management, including:

  • Groundwater basin evaluations
  • Source identification
  • Assimilative capacity, loading, fate, and transport analyses
  • Anti-degradation analysis
  • Implementation measures (BMPs)
  • Groundwater modeling and monitoring plans

We also offer proven a technical approach for obtaining regulatory approval in:

  • Application of vadose zone and  conceptual basin-scale modeling
  • Successful anti-degradation analysis at level of detail required
  • Complex numerical groundwater and seawater intrusion modeling

Other applicable areas of expertise

  • Pilot and field investigations of salt migration and nutrient transformation
  • Storage pond leakage studies
  • Desalting technologies investigation
  • Irrigation management and recycling program development
  • Regulatory strategies, negotiation, and permitting
  • Facilitation of stakeholder collaboration