Diesel Maintenance Shop Energy Audit

Class 1 Railroad Facility

Kennedy/Jenks performed performed an Industrial Grade Energy Audit at a Diesel Maintenance facility to identify actions and projects that will reduce electricity, natural gas, and water/sewer costs. The project consists of performing data review, a site audit, infrared thermal scanning of the building envelope and selected equipment and motors, compilation and analysis of utility data, providing a summary of incentives, and development of proposed Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and Water Efficiency Measures (WEMs).

After review of building drawings, previous audits, energy and natural gas bills over the prior two year period, and reviewing site facilities and equipment (lighting, HVAC equipment, and process equipment), Kennedy/Jenks developed trend charts of electricity, water/sewer, natural gas consumption, demand, and cost. A table that identifies potential federal, state, and local incentives for which the client is eligible was also developed. Finally, a list of 19 EEMs and 6 WEMs was developed and compared against the current facility baseline for electricity, natural gas, and water/sewer. Payback and lifecycle calculations were provided for all EEMs and WEMs.