Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, BNSF Railway Company

Vancouver, Washington

Design and construction management of comprehensive wastewater treatment facility upgrade. The project included: collection system, lift stations, grit chambers, equalization tank, Primary Screen, Oil/ Water Separator, DAF, sludge processing, chemical systems, PLC/SCADA controls, and building rehabilitation.

During Building Permit review, the City of Vancouver issued a directive to route a fire protection system directly from the City water network, which necessitated a Grading/Civil Permit. The permit process would have taken several months and would have consumed the critical summer construction months, adding to the project cost.

Kennedy/Jenks approached the City of Vancouver Economic Development group which resulted in immediate action and issuance of the Building Permit within three working days. The approach saved months of construction time and made it possible for the project to be complete on schedule. This saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.