Energy Management

Efficient energy use and renewable energy resources help to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure a more sustainable future.  Kennedy/Jenks provides strategies to address:

Energy Conservation

  • Monitoring federal/state/local policies and regulations
  • Conducting facility energy audits and identifying energy conservation measures
  • Evaluation of funding/incentive programs and revenue sources
  • Integrated systems approach to energy management

Renewable Energy Resources

  • Renewable energy assessments (solar PV, geothermal, hydro, and wind)
  • Financial analysis and funding/incentive recommendations
  • Alternative fuel assessments
  • Digester-gas-to-energy feasibility and economic analysis

Regulatory Compliance

  • Supporting NEPA/CEQA compliance studies
  • Preparation of Greenhouse Gas inventories/emission baseline calculations
  • Climate Action Plans and regulatory (AB32) compliance strategies
  • Urban Water Management Plan updates