Melanie Tan, P.E.

8 Years at KJ
17 Years in Industry

Melanie Tan’s expertise is in water utility policy development, facility planning, and operations. As KJ’s Northern California reuse practice leader, and a Principal in the employee-owned company, Melanie uses her experience and leadership skills to help clients in this region plan for and expand their reuse projects. She believes that closing the loop to use a drop of water over and over again is an important step towards sustainability.

Hailing from Singapore, Melanie led the development of Singapore’s first Integrated Water Master Plan that looked at various conventional (e.g., rainwater) and alternative sources of water (e.g., recycled water, desalinated water, and more).

Melanie’s strength is in her ability to coordinate and work with multiple stakeholders to develop projects that incorporate system-wide objectives, risk and crisis management, careful technology selection, and operational and maintenance considerations.

Melanie is a registered Professional Engineer in California; she earned her B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.