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Environmental assessment and remediation are core services provided by Kennedy Jenks. We work on environmental assessments and remedial investigation/feasibility studies at sites nationwide. Our process involves integration of site characterization, risk assessment, and remediation in order to focus the comprehensive project lifecycle on the desired outcomes. These projects involve soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, soil vapor, and indoor air characterization using a range of conventional and innovative tools. They range in size from retail gas stations to sites greater than 67,000 acres.

We offer expertise from a diverse background of environmental scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers. Our remediation professionals have extensive experience with treatment of a broad range of contaminants in soil vapor, soil, sediments, surface water, and groundwater using innovative technologies and solutions.

Our assessment and remediation services include:

  • Bench scale testing
  • Pilot study implementation
  • Focused feasibility studies for interim remedial actions and brownfields
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fate and transport evaluation/modeling (unsaturated and saturated zones)
  • Risk-based cleanup goals
  • Permitting and remedial design, including technical specifications and drawings
  • Procurement, bid evaluation, and contractor recommendation
  • Implementation of vapor, soil, and groundwater treatment technologies, including in-situ, ex-situ, passive, and sustainable remediation techniques
  • Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of remedial systems
  • Value engineering and remediation system optimization
  • Engineering cost estimating
  • Vapor intrusion evaluations and mitigation system design and construction
  • Litigation support and cost recovery
  • Insurance claim support