50+ Urban Water Management Plans 
$500M+ Grants
200 Planning Projects in past 25 years
50+ Urban Water Management Plans 
$500M+ Grants
200 Planning Projects in past 25 years

What Our Clients Say:

The KJ Team's performance on the Santa Cruz Regional Recycled Water Facilities Planning Study (RWFPS) was critical to identifying a phased approach to achieve the City's sustainable water supply initiative. Dawn's facilitation of in-person workshops and webinars enabled successful stakeholder collaboration, focused on making region more resilient in the long-term. She was highly responsive through the two-year study period, keeping the project on-track and developing a comprehensive RWFPS that satisfied all SWRCB grant requirements. I personally enjoyed Dawn's high-level of energy and dedication to helping the City develop a road-map for the future of reuse in Santa Cruz.

— Heidi Luckenbach, Deputy Director/Engineering Manager, City of Santa Cruz Water Department

Water planners and policymakers around the world are wrestling with the challenge of moving to an integrated water management approach. A common thread amongst the wide array of approaches is the concept of integration across the water cycle with urban management.

Here at KJ we have chosen to use the term Integrated ‘One Water’ Management (One Water) as the overarching approach to managing water resources that takes a holistic view of a community’s multiple water resources, integrating each piece of the urban water cycle into one system. The services we provide under the One Water Community of Practice aim to help our clients and their communities better understand the benefits of integrated systems, such as lower costs, higher resilience to extreme events and more localized availability of water for domestic recreational and environmental use or as an urban amenity.

Our breadth of in-house disciplines – from engineering to chemistry to hydrogeology to biology – provides a sound basis for even the most high-level evaluations. We combine this expertise with cost-effective strategies and solutions to identify the “world of opportunities” and compare them on an apple-to-apples basis to help make informed decisions.

Planning Services:

  • Water and Wastewater System Master Planning
  • Recycled Water Master Plans
  • Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP)
  • Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMP)
  • Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSP)
  • Conjunctive Use and Supply Reliability Plans
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling
  • Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions
  • Groundwater and Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Stormwater Capture, Reuse and BMPs
  • Funding Advisor Services
  • Grant Applications and Administration
  • Water Use Efficiency (Conservation) Plans and Programs
  • Financial Studies to support Rate Studies and Rate Structures
  • Operations and Management Plans
  • Institutional Frameworks and Considerations

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