Board of Directors – Chair

Laura J. Kennedy

20 Years at KJ
24 Years in Industry

Laura Kennedy is a Vice President and Principal Scientist in the San Francisco office. Laura is the COO and Director of Technical Excellence for the Industrial Environmental Business Unit. Laura is Chair of the KJ Board of Directors and has served on the Board of Directors for the past five years. Laura has over 20 years of consulting experience, with 18 years of experience at KJ.

Laura is an environmental scientist with experience managing risk assessment, risk management, environmental investigation, remediation and regulatory permitting and compliance projects. She has specialized experience in human health and ecological risk assessments and risk management.

What does Service, Trust, and Purpose mean to you?

I tell people that the core of KJ culture is our relationships: with our clients and our people. Service, Trust, and Purpose explains the basis of those relationships. We are focused on providing exceptional service to our clients, which builds trust from our clients and results in sustaining relationships. Our people are driven by providing exceptional client service and solving our clients’ problems, which gives us purpose. Through that purpose, we grow relationships with each other from our mutual trust. Service, Trust, and Purpose is how we succeeded over the past 100 years and how we will continue to thrive and differentiate ourselves.

Keys to your success?

Having a support network. I realized early in my career that I couldn’t do everything myself. I needed mentors for advice, encouragement and feedback. I needed peers to bounce ideas off of and to help me when I got stuck. I needed friends and family for frank opinions and to keep me grounded. When I had children, my support network became even more important, and my husband is an instrumental part of it.

I truly appreciate my co-workers at KJ and know they are key to my success. I learn from them, get advice and encouragement from them, and get energized being around them.

What are you passionate about?

Making a difference. Both personally and professionally, I feel most inspired when what I’m doing matters. Having worked in management consulting in the past, I am grateful to work at KJ where what we do has a direct effect on the environment and communities where we live. I enjoy solving problems that produce real results for our clients and help them achieve success. More than anything, I am excited about the role we all can play in helping KJ reach its full potential as a thriving, sustainable, employee-owned firm where future generations will be inspired and discover their passions.  


Bay Planning Coalition – Board of Directors

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