Alternative Delivery

Sridhar Sadasivan, S.E., P.E.

12 Years at KJ
16 Years in Industry

Sridhar is a Vice President and currently serves as the Director of Design-Build for KJ. His experience includes project management and responsible-in-charge of civil design and structural design for planning, design and construction of several water, wastewater and recycled water projects, including treatment plants, reservoirs, pipelines, pumping stations, chemical facilities, condition assessment and administration buildings.

He has also been in several leadership roles in KJ including as the Southern California Operations Manager and Technical Services (encompassing all design disciplines) Operations Manager. Sridhar has been involved in Alternate Delivery projects since very early in his career including serving as the project manager and design engineer on several Design-Build projects.

What does Service, Trust, and Purpose mean to you?

My favorite author/speaker, Simon Sinek, talks about being a part of infinite game in business where the institutional focus is on a just cause and institutional goals centered around improving every year. KJ culture focusses on helping staff, clients, and communities attain their respective goals. KJ culture has helped build and strengthen the infrastructure of this nation for decades. Service, Trust and Purpose defines the culture that has enabled KJ to thrive as an employee-owned for the past 100 years.

Keys to your success?

I saw my father work very hard to provide for his family with high regard for honesty and integrity, while not worrying about or expecting consequent rewards. I strive every day to follow on his footsteps. I have also been fortunate enough to be guided by great mentors throughout my professional life. And most importantly, the unwavering support and love from my wife, Kruthika, and my two children, Nishka and Neil, is what energizes me every day.

What are you passionate about?

My family and my work here in KJ. I am driven by the opportunity to contribute to building and sustaining KJ’s legacy for many more decades to come by helping the team deliver the highest quality service to our clients and community. Personally, the well-being, happiness and health of my family is my biggest motivator. My wife and I also share our personal “Why?” – strive to provide our two children the best education they desire.


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