Recycled Water

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is a leader in implementing recycled water projects. We have successfully completed more than $1 billion in recycled water planning and design work over the past decade. Our services span applied research, pilot testing, and planning through design, construction, and program development.

During the past five years alone, our water team has:

  • Completed dozens of master planning projects
  • Helped plan and implement several of the largest recycled water projects in the West
  • Pilot tested various emerging membrane treatment and disinfection technologies
  • Designed more than 500,000 linear feet of pipelines and dozens of pump stations, treatment, and storage facilities

We have successfully completed water recycling, reclamation, and beneficial reuse projects in the areas of:

  • Research, planning, financial feasibility, and rates
  • Program management
  • Secondary, tertiary, and satellite treatment systems
  • Irrigation and groundwater recharge
  • Industrial cooling, process water, nontraditional use
  • Public health and safety
  • User facility modifications

Our cost-effective strategies and customized solutions for water recycling includes:

  • Reducing costs – We combine solid science and extensive experience to customize solutions that fit your budget.
  • Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance – Drawing on our f in-house disciplines – from engineering to chemistry to hydrogeology to biology – we target the right compliance strategy.
  • Fostering stakeholder collaboration – We promote collaboration among stakeholders who are accustomed to behaving as adversaries, formulating ways to meet common goals.
  • Demonstrating reliability and feasibility – We can quantify improvements to the overall reliability of a water system and show avoided costs as well as the non-cost benefits of recycled water.