Data Management

Unique Solutions Yield Savings Now and in the Future

Kennedy Jenks has found solutions to the challenges of managing information for complex engineering and science projects.

Key among our qualifications is our ability to listen. It is not our goal to predetermine solutions for our clients. Instead, we take the time to listen to your technical needs, organization concerns, and programmatic goals. We analyze your project’s characteristics to achieve your goal as efficiently as possible. The successful process follows these four steps:

  • Develop big-picture strategies by analyzing your present and future issues
  • Create individual “integrated solutions” with you, drawing on our engineering and scientific experience and our knowledge of today’s technological innovations
  • Create a cost-effective road map to executing the strategies that work best for you
  • Measure the success of solutions based on their effectiveness and savings and efficiency gained


Quantitative and Data Modeling

Our staff includes professionals with degrees in geology, groundwater, and surface water sciences, with years of experience in watershed analysis, surface water hydraulic evaluations, aquifer storage and recharge (ASR), chemical fate and transport modeling in groundwater, geostatistics, mixing zone assessments, and vadose zone characterization. Featuring; state-of-the-art mapping, database expertise, Geographic Information System (GIS) tools, and the latest numerical modeling codes.

Kennedy Jenks can:

  • Construct fast, comprehensive, and accurate computer models
  • Quickly characterize current water supply conditions
  • Simulate future aquifer storage capacity, water demand, and water quality scenarios\
  • Effective Litigation Services
  • CV-salts

For clients in litigation, Kennedy Jenks provides a team of hydrogeologists, computer scientists, and animators who know how to present complex information for discovery and trial. As part of our environmental due diligence process, we synthesize data and their potential environmental impacts on public health. Tailoring information tools to your budget, operations, and goals makes state-of-the-art technology truly productive.

  • Numerical and 3-D modeling
  • Customized GIS
  • Real-time field data collection and mapping
  • Drone-based image and data acquisition
  • Complete, web-based environmental management
  • Software training



Data Management and Visualization

It is our general practice to manage analytical and field data collected on behalf of our clients by using an environmental database, to maintain the integrity of the data, as well as efficiently transfer data between different software platforms and produce deliverables.

The value of a database is twofold:

  • Reduced time required to manage data and prepare deliverables
  • Improved quality, by automating more of the workflow and reducing the need for manually “touching” data.

We also use electronic field data collection, as well as laboratory electronic data deliverables (EDDs) to help streamline the database upload process. This allows us to connect directly to the original data sources for generating deliverables, GIS analysis, as well as visualization, saving our clients time and money, as well as limiting errors.


Built and Environmental System Modeling

Our staff utilizes the latest state-of-the-art software and technology to develop and utilize complex computer models that represent built systems, such as water distribution systems, sewer & stormwater collection systems, conventional and advanced wastewater treatments plants, and distributed asset management systems; and environmental systems, such as subsurface groundwater basins, surface water hydrology, and fate & transport of chemical contaminants. These models are utilized to develop unique and sustainable solutions for our clients for a wide range of applications, including water supply & infrastructure planning, groundwater characterization, water quality analysis, treatment process evaluations, and development of environmental solutions.


Project Web Portals to Foster Community Acceptance and Client Communications

For many clients, Kennedy Jenks has provided customized project web portals that allow the public entity, agency partners, regulatory agencies, and consultants to manage projects and collaborate in real time, 24 hours per day. The portal provides:

  • Access to the same information by planning, engineering, operations, legal, financial, regulatory permitting, funding, and construction teams
  • Phased project implementation updates
  • Project team contact information
  • Meeting scheduling tools
  • The ability to collaborate on documents and presentations
  • Document review and repository
  • Presentation of data
  • Posting of media coverage


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