Natural Resource Management

Managing our Natural Resource Assets

Hear from Scott Larew, Vice President, about how KJ’s team can help you manage your natural resource assets.

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The efficient use of assets is a cornerstone of low-impact design. Built asset management often focuses on optimizing the consumption of natural resource assets (e.g., reduced energy demands of a LEED-certified building). At best, these practices achieve a net zero effect. Kennedy Jenks’ natural resource management scientists extend these principles from our built infrastructure to the natural world around it, applying asset management and value creation tenets to deliver a net positive environmental benefit. Whether it’s a one-time construction project or a programmatic approach to delivering on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics, Kennedy Jenks’ team can efficiently manage your natural resource assets to yield measurable benefits.

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Our scientists and engineers encounter natural resource assets on nearly every project.  Rather than design (and permitting) through our natural resource assets, our team endeavors to design with them where practicable. Working with these resources, we may allow wetlands to inform the path of linear infrastructure sequence construction activities to align with seasonal wildlife cycles,  mimic natural vegetative communities in our stormwater biofiltration systems, or enhance managed landscapes to provide habitat and resources for wildlife.

We shape our goals to meet your program/project objectives, often reducing project complexity, cost, and schedule. These principles can be integrated across the full suite of services that Kennedy Jenks provides, creating value for you and your communities.

Engineering and Design

Identifying natural resource assets and regulated uses/activities early informs decision-making, minimizes design constraints, and reduces regulatory permitting requirements and post-construction obligations.

Regulatory Compliance

By leveraging natural biological processes, our solutions achieve numerical compliance endpoints (NPDES, RCRA/CERCLA), reduce our reliance on synthetic chemicals and landfilling, and provide sustainable solutions with a smaller environmental footprint.

Habitat Conservation Biodiversity

Improving the quantity and quality of habitats in our natural landscape allows us to quantify net environmental benefits, support ESG and sustainability journeys and reporting, and provide visible community-level impact.


Kennedy Jenks’ commitment to stewardship of natural resources and creating value for clients and our communities has been recognized through our gold certification from EcoVadis and our partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Take a couple minutes to hear KJ’s Emily Lynch share more about the Wildlife Habitat Council.

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Kennedy Jenks’ mindfulness and expertise related to natural resources are not simply services Kennedy Jenks provides to clients; they are fundamental underpinnings of the vision and culture of our firm. For more than 100 years Kennedy Jenks has served as a steward of our natural resources, and today our employees actively manage our natural resource assets in their daily life and volunteer work.

Services Offered

Natural resource / environmental permitting and resource agency coordination

Wetland delineations

Sensitive species identification and monitoring

Community engagement, public advocacy, value creation

Ecological evaluations

Habitat restoration, enhancement, and creation

Corporate/academic campus conservation and sustainability program development

Data visualization and management