What Our Clients Say:

I just wanted to thank you and Kennedy Jenks for your help on our recent Food Waste Codigestion Bench scale study. I understand Food Waste is part of the advanced digestion evaluation that OCSD-Planning Division is overseeing. The project was a great success for OCSD. Kennedy Jenks brought new ideas to the table and thought beyond enhanced gas production through co-digestion. The holistic approach proposed by Kennedy Jenks helped understand the effect of food waste addition not only on gas production but also on digester stability, odor, dewatering and beyond to help OCSD take informed decision. Sometimes more (as in more food waste addition) is not better, and Kennedy Jenks helped us identify the optimum range of food waste addition to obtain best overall benefit to OCSD. The project was completed on schedule and on budget. We are very pleased with the value and quality of the services provided by the Kennedy Jenks team, led by project manager Ganesh Rajagopalan.

— Andre Miller, Associate Engineer, Orange County Sanitation District


Front-line Applied Research and Problem Solving to Benefit Our Clients, Going Beyond Standard Technologies and Processes.

The Applied Research Group (ARG) maintains their focus on our clients’ most technically challenging issues by:

  • Performing applied research and technology demonstrations
  • Conducting pilot and field studies to determine the fate and transport of regulated and emerging contaminants in engineered and natural systems
  • Collaborating with universities to bring the best minds and ideas to our clients
  • Providing briefings on the latest water, wastewater, and recycled water research to our teams


Scientists and Engineers with Important Research Experience

The Advanced Research Group is comprised of scientists and engineers who have participated in major research initiatives in the water, wastewater, and recycled water fields. Their work has resulted in the acceptance of new technologies and treatment processes. These professionals provide access to in-house expertise as well as to information from universities and other institutions doing research in subject areas of concern. For the past five years, the ARG has focused on two main research thrusts:

  • Resource recovery during wastewater treatment, and
  • The advanced treatment of impaired water sources.

These thrusts allow our clients to benefit from Kennedy Jenks applied research and technology review in times of population growth, competing water resource needs and rising energy costs.



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