Solid Waste Management

Kennedy Jenks partners with public-sector and industrial clients to optimize the management, treatment and disposal of solid waste.

We are experts on a multitude of infrastructure, planning, design and permitting projects that impact the disposal of waste, including municipal solid waste, liquid waste, industrial solid waste, refuse and other products. Additionally, we provide project solutions that address the management of regulatory, technical and environmental issues as well as helping clients achieve regulatory approval and community acceptance.


We offer solid waste service capabilities in the following major service categories:

  • Infrastructure and planning (master plans, rate and revenue plans, management plans)
  • Facility design and permitting (plans and specifications)
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance
  • Stormwater management and storm drainage
  • Leachate collection, storage and management
  • Bond feasibility and engineering opinions for financing
  • Utilities coordination and design


Kennedy Jenks has helped clients in a variety of areas, including the following:

  • Material segregation, reclamation and recycling: Our experts use manual, magnetic and other mechanical components as integral parts of solid waste master planning projects. Projects conducted by Kennedy Jenks include waste generation studies, source reduction and recycling programs, economic feasibility studies, and rate and revenue evaluations.
  • Development of physical facilities: Members of our professional staff have helped clients meet required federal and state mandated recycling programs, including material recovery facilities, composting operations, transfer stations and residue disposal facilities.
  • Solid waste utility system development: Kennedy Jenks offers services which include the determination of revenue and funding requirements; allocation of capital costs and operating expenses to user charge systems; the design of revenue programs; and the establishment of new utility enterprises.
  • Contracts and agreements: We have conducted selections of contract solid waste services, negotiated short- and long-term collection system agreements for city and county public works departments and assisted in the development of service agreements for material recovery, transfer and disposal operations.


Client Success Case Studies:

  • Preparation of a rate and revenue plan – a large, Southern California Solid Waste Enterprise Fund. The plan included an evaluation of the city’s planned system improvements for collection of residential, commercial and industrial waste streams; and source reduction and recycling program modifications. The rate and revenue program evaluated capital facility improvements, operating and maintenance costs, labor, and administration expenses for a 10 year planning horizon. Costs of service were allocated by a user class system, and a rate methodology was developed for current and future needs.
    • In addition, Kennedy Jenks provided general consulting assistance to the city in the negotiation of its operating contract for a proposed transfer facility, including establishment of the necessary ordinance revisions to implement improved programs along with the rate mechanisms to support these programs.
  • Solid Waste Master Plan/Revenue Study – Southern California Municipality. We updated the City’s Water and Solid Waste Revenue Study and assisted in reviewing billing methods for commercial solid waste accounts at a local mall.
    • Activities included review of current commercial solid waste accounts in relation to methods used by other jurisdictions; preparation of a summary of the solid waste billing findings; and assistance in the initial set up of solid waste audits for the commercial accounts at the mall. As part of the scope of services, Kennedy Jenks conducted a telephone survey of other similar mall facilities in southern and central California to determine what the customary procedures are for billing trash services to individual mall tenants.
  • Solid waste rate and management planning study — a Los Angeles area municipality on the coast.  The city’s refuse operations were subject to a substantial increase in disposal costs as well as closing two primary Landfills. This study included the following:
    • An analysis of the residential and commercial solid waste markets for city services;
    • A review of present collection and disposal practices of the city; reviews of present projected operations and capital costs;
    • Alternative disposal options to the city including operation of a city-owned transfer station and participation in a major resource recovery facility which generates electricity; investigation of provisions of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) pertaining to the handling of structures. This study concluded that the City’ Refuse Division should 1) diversify its revenue sources, 2) reduce costs through changes in programs and practices, and 3) control the stream of solid waste materials. To accomplish these objectives, Kennedy Jenks Consultants recommended participation in a resource recovery facility, operation of a city-owned transfer station, establishment of a franchising program for commercial waste materials, modernization of collection procedures through use of automated equipment, and restructuring rates and charges to commercial customers including multi-family residential and all other commercial complexes.



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