Health & Safety

Kennedy Jenks is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of employees and their families, our clients, the environment, and the communities in which we work. KJ programs and procedures are designed to provide a safe and healthy workplace, encourage personal responsibility, and promote compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Attention to health and safety is paramount in the planning and execution of our work, whether in the office or on client worksites. Health and safety awareness is incorporated into all aspects of KJ’s business as we strive to improve these programs.

Policies and Practices

Health and safety is a KJ core value and our policies employ an integrated approach to reducing risks and enhancing health and safety. Our longstanding health and safety practices include:

  • Operating our offices and project sites in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, our clients, the public, and the environment.
  • Providing information on health risks to stakeholders.
  • Emphasizing compliance with health and safety regulations and standards that safeguard employees, our projects, our workplaces, and our communities.
  • Taking appropriate action to minimize hazards or mitigate conditions that endanger health or safety.
  • Reviewing workplace incidents helping everyone stay focused to follow safe practices at work.
  • Fostering an employee culture of adherence to health and safety policies and reporting concerns to management.
  • Presenting “safety moments” at the start of meetings to keep employees focused on staying safe every day.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental protection and resource conservation are critical considerations for all new and existing KJ projects. Health and safety also requires environmental stewardship and safeguarding communities. At KJ, our environmental stewardship encompasses the following:

  • Developing programs and procedures to comply with industry regulations.
  • Mitigating conditions that endanger the environment.
  • Educating, innovating, and demonstrating environmental sustainability – inside the
    firm and beyond.
  • Implementing energy-efficient and sound reuse and recycling practices in all operations.

Covid-19 Pandemic Response

To support Federal, State, and Local public health control strategies, KJ implemented a “Safer at Home” policy as part of our Covid-19 response. From the beginning of the pandemic, KJ employees worked mostly remotely, maintaining continuity of work through online productivity and communication tools. Face-to-face meetings were held when essential for project activities and followed applicable public health guidelines, including appropriate social distancing and face coverings. We have incorporated the lessons learned from the pandemic into our work processes for improved performance when faced with future crises.

Internal Health & Safety Awards

Kennedy Jenks celebrates individuals and teams who go above and beyond in their commitment to safety through the annual President’s Award for Excellence in Safety. This award acknowledges employees who demonstrate outstanding dedication to health and safety and act as models for all of us.

Winners of this award hold diverse positions across the company. Recent awards have been given to project managers for fully integrating safety into projects, to office managers and administrative support for overseeing safety protocols during COVID-19, and to construction managers for safety management on build sites.