At Kennedy Jenks, “Trust, Service, Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion” are not hollow rhetoric or aspirations. These are deep-rooted, foundational values that represent not only principles that the firm believes in but serve as guideposts for how our firm and our employees act. 


Our success is based on trust that comes from dedicated professional relationships. We unite with our clients behind a shared vision and work hard to achieve that vision. Much of our business comes from long-standing clients who trust Kennedy Jenks to understand and accomplish their goals.


Excellence in service to our clients and our communities is at the core of Kennedy Jenks’ culture and what differentiates Kennedy Jenks from other firms. Our commitment to service began in 1919, when Clyde C. Kennedy opened his engineering practice in San Francisco and has grown over the past century.


Integrity is best exhibited by doing the right thing when no one else is watching.  At Kennedy Jenks, we are committed to this principle, and instill integrity in everything we do. To our clients, we deliver cost-effective, innovative engineering and scientific services. To our employee/owners, we provide a supportive, team-oriented environment. For our communities, we strive to deliver projects that provide a public benefit.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a culture where our people find a place they are included and thrive. Diversity and inclusion serve as the foundation of everything we do. We believe that our greatest strength and our future rests upon building teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, views, and beliefs.  Our clients face challenges that require the unique knowledge and skills provided by a dynamic and diverse workforce who bring a broad array of perspectives to our work.