Employee Resource Groups

What are Employee Resource Groups?

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups fostering diversity and inclusion within Kennedy Jenks (KJ). These employee groups help employees build stronger internal and external connections; create development opportunities for future leaders; offer social, educational, and outreach activities; and increase engagement among KJ employees at all levels.

Our KJ ERGs provide input and insights to business operations, increase employee contributions and retention, attract diverse talent, advance cultural competency, and more. The activities of KJ ERGs provide group members with the opportunity to identify common interests and determine how they can be shared with others. Below are more details about our KJ ERGs.


The Cornerstone Volunteering Program is an initiative designed to harness the collective passion of our people towards volunteering. This program is intended to be employee-driven and promote a KJ environment where employee volunteers are supported, and their efforts are celebrated. In many ways, the volunteer spirit is the cornerstone of what we do professionally.

Diversity & Inclusion - A Core Value

KJ is committed to fostering a culture where our people find a place they are included and can thrive. As one of our core values, diversity and inclusion serve as the foundation of everything we do and are essential to the firm’s success.

Women @ KJ

Women @ KJ serves as a forum within KJ to further enhance professional relationships, as well as share information, resources, ideas and experiences. This group strives to provide support by sharing knowledge, offering professional direction to support career advancement, and promoting a supportive network for all employees.

New Professionals Initiative

Our New Professionals Initiative (NPI) is for KJ’s employees with fewer than 10 years of professional experience in their current field. NPI seeks to be a platform for growth by connecting new professionals with peers, mentors, and senior KJ staff to increase the transfer of knowledge and act as a springboard to exciting opportunities, relationships, and a stronger KJ.

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