At Kennedy/Jenks water is our specialty, and with nearly 100 years of experience we offer any and all services for you water needs including:

Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Whether for drinking water, wastewater, industrial waste, recycled water, or stormwater, high public expectations, tougher regulatory requirements, and changing physical environments can make compliance difficult. Drawing on our in-house disciplines in engineering, chemistry, hydrogeology, biology, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants targets the right compliance strategy.  We track changes to regulations, analyze data to meet goals, and address funding and operations issues.

Maximizing limited resources and aging infrastructure.

Today’s economic pressures have created new challenges for public utilities and private industry, such as increased growth, diminishing tax bases, and aging infrastructure. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants can help gain funding and formulate unique strategies for cost containment.

Fostering stakeholder collaboration.

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants plays an objective role to promote collaboration among stakeholders. We know how to help those involved see the big picture and cooperatively create a plan with win-win elements for nearly everyone.

Dedication to these ideals results in exceptional teamwork, quality, and innovation..