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Winston Churchill once said that “the price of greatness is responsibility.” As an employee-owned firm, Kennedy Jenks has experienced 100 years of responsibility for its owners and its clients. Our commitment to remaining 100% employee-owned going forward is our continued commitment to greatness.

Kennedy Jenks’ ownership is very broad compared to other firms in the water and environmental consulting marketplace. The company is owned directly by over 40% of the employees from all areas of the organization. As an employee-owned firm, we are accountable to all employees and not to others outside of the organization. As a result, we control our own future.

Annually, Kennedy Jenks offers stock ownership opportunities to non-shareholder employees who demonstrate expertise, contributions, and dedication to the values, goals and vision of the company.

As employee-owners and future employee-owners, every employee is a steward of the company’s success. We do something special at Kennedy Jenks; We control our vision, we control our path forward, and we are proud to serve our clients and communities by solving their most important environmental challenges.

Career Development

Professional development is vital to our employees’ progress and satisfaction. Kennedy Jenks offers numerous opportunities to cultivate their knowledge and expertise.

  • Our culture encourages participation in challenging projects, working with experienced mentors, and achieving individual and firm goals, while teaming with colleagues, partners and vendors to grow our capabilities.
  • We encourage our employees to join professional, industry and local organizations, committees and boards, attend industry and community events, and give presentations and write papers.
  • We offer programs supporting tuition reimbursement, continuing education and certifications.
  • Kennedy Jenks’ biannual technical conference, TechEx, is a unique event where Kennedy Jenks employees meet to celebrate our technical accomplishments, share experiences with fellow employees, assess what the market and our clients need, and engage with others to develop relationships and opportunities.

Opportunities For New Professionals

Our New Professionals Initiative (NPI) is for Kennedy Jenks employees with fewer than 10 years of professional experience in their current field. The goal of NPI is to encourage networking through sharing experiences and useful information, to stimulate the minds and careers of new professionals in an atmosphere which facilitates open communication. All new professionals, regardless of business unit or background (technical, marketing, operations, administrative, etc.), are encouraged to participate. NPI seeks to be a platform for growth by connecting new professionals with peers, mentors, and senior Kennedy Jenks personnel to increase the transfer of knowledge and act as a springboard to exciting opportunities, relationships, and a stronger Kennedy Jenks.

Women @ Kennedy Jenks

Women @ Kennedy Jenks serves as a forum within Kennedy Jenks to further enhance professional relationships, as well as share information, resources, ideas and experiences. This group strives to provide support by sharing knowledge, offering professional direction to support career advancement, and promoting a supportive network for all employees.

Volunteer Efforts

Kennedy Jenks’ Cornerstone Program is an initiative designed to harness the collective passion of our employees towards volunteering. This program is employee-driven and promotes a company culture where employee-volunteers are supported and their efforts are celebrated. In many ways, the volunteer spirit is the cornerstone of what we do professionally.

Kennedy Jenks’ Cornerstone program has a number of goals it wishes to accomplish. First, the program organizes and expands our positive impact within the communities and environments where we live. Second, it encourages and expands our internal team-building to promote a culture of positive, inclusive and external accomplishment. Lastly, it assists Kennedy Jenks in connecting with our clients and their volunteering programs to encourage and promote collective successes beyond our project work.

Event types and organizations include races/relays, civic and charitable organizations, student and alumni events, and volunteer partnership activities.


Kennedy Jenks offers a summer internship program out of several of our offices every year. Through our programs, our interns get hands-on experience on a variety of projects our engineers an scientists work on across the country. Students can apply to our internship positions from late March through early June on our Current Openings page.

“I have learned that I may change my path to structural engineering through this internship. Once I saw projects and construction sites I came to the realization that structural engineering is what I am most interested in. I am very surprised that my mindset changed…I am thankful that I was given the exposure to realize what my true interest was.” -Summer 2019 Intern



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Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Kennedy Jenks is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, disability, citizenship status, genetics, protected veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.