Chemical & Pharmaceutical

The development of new medications and chemicals has vastly improved the quality of life and lifespan for billions of people in virtually every nation. However, a growing list of chemical compounds have come under U.S. government regulation to ensure that levels in the air, water and soil remain safe for people and for the complex ecosystems that sustain our communities.

Helping industries comply with environmental regulations is at the core of Kennedy Jenks’ consulting practice. Always at the forefront of science and technology, our practice has advanced as wastewater treatment, air quality control, and remediation technology have advanced. Our researchers and engineers are involved in the latest developments and can help modify your chemical and pharmaceutical facilities to comply with ever-changing regulations.

With a reputation for excellence and innovation, many clients have relied on Kennedy Jenks’ services for more than half a century.  Kennedy Jenks’ provides all the benefits of a closely held engineering firm: responsiveness, transparency, and service, but is backed by experience as vast as the largest multinationals. For more than 100 years, Kennedy Jenks has been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients, with a focus on protecting the environment for future generations and helping clients achieve their business goals.