Food & Beverage / Wineries

The modern food and beverage industry that supplies our homes, markets and restaurants is vast and requires large-scale facilities and a large supply chain for production. Substantial amounts of water are needed, both as an ingredient, for processing the products, and cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities. The resultant wastewater often has high concentrations of suspended solids, organic matter, oil, and grease, which are regulated by local, state, and federal agencies.

There is an ongoing need for new, sustainable strategies and methods of managing, treating, removing, and disposing of these contaminants effectively and economically.  Kennedy Jenks provides a variety of professional services for the food and beverage industry as listed below:

  • Wastewater management planning, permitting, treatment, reuse, and disposal
  • Water supply, planning, permitting, and treatment for facility industrial uses
  • Land application of process wastewater and antidegradation analyses
  • Stormwater permitting and drainage control design
  • Solid Waste characterization, minimization, reuse, and disposal
  • Hazardous materials characterization, treatment, disposal, and management plans
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Facility planning, design, and construction oversight
  • Information and data management
  • Health and safety, process safety management and auditing



California wines are renowned around the world and a source of local pride. The wine industry has grown exponentially since the 1970s and now provides thousands of jobs; wine regions in California such as the Napa Valley, the Central Coast, and the Sierra Foothills have become important tourist destinations. Similarly, there has been considerable growth in the wine industry in Washington, Oregon, Texas, New York and other wine-growing regions of the United States.

Agriculture, wine production and distribution operations are associated with environmental impacts that include land, water, air, energy, and chemical use. Much of the wine industry has adopted sustainable practices to manage organic and inorganic waste streams, greenhouse gas emissions, and the impact on ecosystems.

Kennedy Jenks has supported the California wine industry since 1958, providing advocacy, guidance, and sustainable solutions to achieve regulatory compliance. More recently, Kennedy Jenks has collaborated with the Wine Institute and the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance for nearly two decades to provide professional services, technical advocacy, and support for the development of environmental regulations based on science. Winery process wastewater and stormwater management have recently become subject to more strict regulations under most circumstances. Kennedy Jenks can advise on whether winery operations are exempt from or subject to process wastewater and stormwater regulations and how to plan for operational improvements and engineering controls to comply.

Kennedy Jenks can help plan, permit, design, and oversee construction of water and waste management systems and facilities to lower costs.  Whether your methods require physical and chemical pre-treatment, aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment, filtration, membrane separation processes, disinfection, or odor removal, Kennedy Jenks has the expertise and knowledge of treatment technologies to meet and exceed compliance standards. Regardless of the challenge, Kennedy Jenks will find the right solution for your operations to help you meet your business goals.

“Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Management of Winery Water and Associated Energy” is located here.