Board of Directors
Planning Leader

Dawn T. Taffler, P.E., LEED AP

Office: Pasadena, CA
14 Years at KJ
20 Years in Industry

Dawn is a recognized specialist in recycled water and planning and has been successfully leading the firm’s Recycled Water Community Practice for the past four years. Based in the Pasadena office, she is now taking on the additional responsibility of leading the One Water Community Practice.

Dawn’s work has included a variety of projects that seek to diversify and optimize the way we use and reuse water. She is currently leading seven non-potable and potable reuse studies throughout California to maximize the use of local, sustainable and reliable water supplies.

What does Service, Trust, and Purpose mean to you?

To me: SERVICE involves working hand-in-hand with clients to create a resilient and secure future for their communities. TRUST is built by demonstrating commitment and expertise, working together and finding innovative solutions that consistently meet and exceed expectations. PURPOSE fuels my motivation to resolve water management issues in in the arid West and my drive to serve my colleagues, company and clients.

Keys to your success?

Communication, energy and execution. I enjoy communicating with people at all levels internally and externally; listening to other’s needs and striving to find alignment amongst competing interesting. I bring positive energy to each interaction; striving to sustain an optimistic yet measured outlook from the start to the end of each project. I do what I say I am going to do, which sometimes means I have to say “no” – not an easy thing to do – but allows me to ensure that I can deliver on my promises.

What are you passionate about?

I have a passion for balancing sustainability with engineering. At an early stage in my career I became a LEED Accredited Professional, to demonstrate my commitment to finding solutions that balance economic, environmental and social goals. My high school physics teacher told me I could save the environment with math and physics, so I became an environmental engineer. Over my career I have transitioned between engineering natural treatment systems, like wetlands, to advance treatment systems for potable reuse of municipal wastewater; saving the world one drop at a time for future generations.


Current Trustee on WateReuse California Board of Directors and actively involved in WateReuse at a local, state and national level.

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