Board of Directors – President/CEO

Keith London, P.E.

Office: Murrieta, CA
23 Years at KJ
36 Years in Industry

As President and CEO, Keith London is responsible for the strategic direction and sustainability of Kennedy Jenks. Keith became CEO in 2006 as the first non-Kennedy CEO in the firm’s nearly 100-year history.  Before being named CEO, Keith joined KJ as Southern California Regional Manager and Client Service Manager and then became the Public Works Operating Officer.

Keith has more than 30 years of experience in water, wastewater, and reclamation projects involving planning, analysis and design, preparation of plans and specifications, permit coordination, technical review, and construction review and management. Projects he has designed and/or managed include water, wastewater and conjunctive use facilities, pumping stations, storage reservoirs, and distribution systems throughout California.

What does Service, Trust, and Purpose mean to you?

Our brand in the industry includes Service, Trust and Purpose.

Service stands for how we serve our clients and the communities that we and our clients live in.

Trust is the basis of the bond between the firm, our staff and the clients that we serve.

Purpose is the “Why?” KJ is in business. Our “Why?” is that KJ exists as a business in that we build on the trust that we have created with clients after nearly 100 years of history to provide them the personal service that focuses on their most important (as compared to their largest) projects and challenges. KJ is focused on improving everything water…. drinking water, stormwater, recycled water, wastewater, groundwater with a goal of improving the nation’s environment every day.

KJ, as an employee owned firm, is built from the bottom up to deliver on our promises by staying true to our purpose through service to our clients and communities based on the trust that we have created after the nearly 100 years of service. This combination, employee ownership, service, trust and purpose, makes us a Category of One firm.

Keys to your success?

I have been very fortunate to have several coaches and mentors during my career.  Good coaches are always there to support you and to provide honest and direct feedback. I am only successful as a person based on the feedback I receive from my coaches and my family. Being raised in the Midwest, I learned early in my life (from a mother in the medical field and a father in the insurance field) that empathy followed by collaboration, teamwork and action is critical to being able to serve and they have proved to be a successful combination for me. I strive to “gain an understanding” of every person’s situation and perspective prior to making decisions and acting.  Empathy is critical to providing good client service and being a leader.  Without empathy, leading isn’t possible, only directing.

What are you passionate about?

My family, the clients that we serve and this organization we call KJ. I have a great partner in life, my wife, Mara. I am fortunate to grow up with two children Katherine and Jonathan.  I have also been fortunate to be able to serve several clients in the engineering industry over the last 34 years. Serving is the greatest honor in our society and I enjoy every minute of it even when it requires us to serve in difficult times. Finally, I am passionate about this firm, KJ. Soon to be celebrating 100 years of history, legacy, service and promises to our clients, I am passionate about building an organization that is sustainable for future generations as I see the future of engineering firms being a few mid-sized, employee owned firms amongst the profusion of mega and/or publicly traded firms.


American Council of Engineering Companies

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