Today’s industrial and manufacturing multinational corporations are tasked with following stringent and ever-changing safety and environmental regulations, while operating in a competitive, global marketplace. These factors add complexity and cost to plant operations, creating an urgent need for technically sound and cost-effective methods for preserving air quality, disposing of solid and hazardous waste, and treating and reusing wastewater, all the while focusing on core business production/operational issues.

For more than 60 years, Kennedy Jenks has helped multinational corporations optimize process performance to navigate tightening environmental regulations and permit compliance. We take the time to understand your business, your concerns, your processes and operational constraints and the regulatory environment in which you operate. Our engineers, managers and designers understand that the first step toward success is good communication and a clear-eyed view of the technical and regulatory challenges.

Kennedy Jenks offer expertise in facility expansion project planning, process, mechanical, electrical engineering, Industrial water and wastewater treatment system design/upgrade, environmental compliance, permitting, environmental risk assessment, and remediation. We can help with community outreach as well as regulatory agency negotiation assistance. We offer a flexible alternative delivery models and will work with you to choose the right partnership for your project.

Our 100+ years helping industrial clients, give us the kind of experience you need to meet your business goals, become good corporate neighbors, and negotiate an uncertain regulatory future.