PFAS Mitigation

What Our Clients Say:

Nothing of this scope and speed has ever been seen in the water industry,” said Kathie Martin, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency, noting Kennedy Jenks’ accelerated start-to-finish timeline from design to the end of construction of a ion-exchange-based PFAS treatment system.

— Kathie Martin – Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency


Kennedy Jenks Leads the Industry in PFAS Solutions.

The development of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (or PFAS) was once seen as an important innovation in the invention of many new products, from cookware to clothing to cleaning solutions. But as with many innovations, PFAS have had unintended consequences.  These chemicals are now found in just about everything – including our groundwater.

Growing public concern has caused a wave of litigation in the U.S. chemical industry and inspired demands for the removal of these man-made “forever chemicals” from drinking water. While the EPA announced that it’s working to establish standards for the two most studied PFAS chemicals—PFOA and PFOS—many water agencies are turning to Kennedy Jenks for a faster response.

Kennedy Jenks has been finding innovative solutions to water contamination of all types for more than a century, responding quickly to new challenges. In recent years, KJ has overseen numerous treatment feasibility, design, or construction management projects in multiple states. Kennedy Jenks is always looking ahead, anticipating changes in the industry, and developing effective treatment plans that keep communities safe.




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