Recycled & Purified Water

Water recycling is not new, but the urgent need for additional, sustainable sources of fresh water has accelerated the development of forward-looking technology for water-reuse projects. Especially in drought-prone regions, climate change has highlighted the need for innovative ways to recycle water for both industrial and domestic use.

Kennedy Jenks has been committed to water recycling since the firm’s origins a century ago, helping clients and their communities redefine “used” or “waste” water as a valuable local resource. Kennedy Jenks has since completed numerous recycled water projects in multiple states with a combined construction value of more than $2 billion.


Experience and Leadership

During recent years, our talented engineers have participated in the planning of several of California’s largest recycled water projects, pilot tested a variety of emerging membrane treatment and disinfection technologies, and have designed many miles of pipeline, numerous pump stations, and treatment and storage facilities for both non-potable and potable reuse projects.

Drawing on the breadth of leadership roles held by our in-house experts—on the Water Reuse California Board, various Technical Advisory Committees and Independent Advisory Panels —we understand the latest regulatory thinking and current research for potable reuse and can target the right compliance strategy for every step of your project.

We recognize the value of developing collaborative studies with regional partners and can facilitate effective workshops with your staff, executive management teams, and/or Board of Directors to obtain input and buy-in from participants.


At the Forefront

Kennedy Jenks provides the full range of multi-disciplinary science and engineering, with solid science and practical design experience to customize solutions and provide the right level of analysis to fit your budget from planning, through design, and into construction.

We are at the forefront of the rapidly developing potable reuse market and are helping clients implement all forms of indirect potable reuse and planning for the future of direct potable reuse. Over the last 15 years, Kennedy Jenks has led and contributed to planning, design and implementation of indirect and direct potable reuse projects in California, including groundwater replenishment and surface water augmentation.


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