Stormwater Treatment

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When we got to the point where we needed to develop a strategy for stormwater treatment, we contacted Kennedy Jenks... They helped us develop a strategy for complying with the stormwater permit...They completely understand the financial and operational challenges...tailored solutions that (will) fit our specific constraints and needs...



Until recently, stormwater management focused solely on flood control – and with climate change and the escalating cycles of drought and flooding this is still important. But stormwater quality, and its impact on receiving waters, is no longer an afterthought. An increased focus of environmental agencies on the health of waterways is pointing to stormwater as a source of contamination in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Kennedy Jenks is a leader in developing and implementing stormwater management solutions for our clients in industry and municipalities. We not only engineer systems to convey and treat stormwater, but also anticipate new regulations to control pollutants, including metals such as copper and zinc. Kennedy Jenks has pioneered some of the first stormwater treatment systems employing Low Impact Development (LID) techniques to help clients provide cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions.

With experience in the changing regulatory process, including more stringent implementation of stormwater permits, our engineers and scientists have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the maze of regulations and develop solutions that meet your needs. Kennedy Jenks has served on several statewide regulatory advisory committees involving municipal, industrial, and construction stormwater as well as low impact development (LID).

We work with you to develop solutions to reduce your regulatory burden, incorporate your operational constraints, and provide options for compliance. Our solutions have ranged from simple operational changes and best management practices to stormwater treatment systems that are flexible for changing site use.


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