02.08.2022  |  News

KJ’s Design of the Pure Water Monterey Advanced Water Purification Facility Honored with Two Prestigious Awards


KJ was doubly honored last week for our design of the Pure Water Monterey Advanced Water Purification Facility.  This remarkable project continues to receive acclaim and other well-deserved accolades.

The first was from the American Society of Civil Engineers which awarded KJ one of its annual Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement awards. The project will be showcased at ASCE’s 2022 annual convention in Anaheim, California on October 25, 2022.

The second was from ACEC California, which awarded the project an annual Engineering Excellence Award in the Honors category.  ACEC’s ‘Virtual Gala’ was held last week, with a James Bond theme.

This innovative project is the first potable reuse project in Northern California and the first to treat industrial/agricultural wastewater, agricultural drainage, urban stormwater, and municipal effluent for potable reuse. The project benefits the residents of northern Monterey County, supports key economic industries of tourism and agriculture and helps protect and enhance the environment.

“Our KJ team is honored to be recognized for demonstrating an exceptional degree of innovation, achievement, service and value,” noted KJ’s Todd Reynolds. This outstanding project turns wastewater into a safe and sustainable water supply that complies with – or exceeds – strict state and federal requirements.

Watch Todd provide a highlight of the project:  https://www.kennedyjenks.com/2021/08/19/the-monterey-one-water-and-kennedy-jenks-success-story/

Learn more:  https://www.kazu.org/kazu-news/2021-12-10/monterey-wastewater-to-drinking-water


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