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Kennedy Jenks Joins Wildlife Habitat Council, Demonstrating Commitment to Environmental Stewardship


Kennedy Jenks, a leading environmental engineering and sciences consulting firm, is pleased to announce its recent membership in the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), a non-profit organization that works with corporations, conservation groups, and communities to promote and certify wildlife habitat conservation and management on public and private lands 

KJ’s membership with WHC creates more opportunities for the firm’s clients to establish and enhance their own conservation efforts – such as habitat enhancement and creation, wildlife conservation, and community engagement. 

Joining WHC as a member underscores the values we share with many of our clients and a collective commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Many of our clients are already undertaking conservation efforts and appreciate our ability to structure a comprehensive WHC program around these actions. Our efforts help create a platform that acknowledges how existing biodiversity-related efforts contribute toward overall sustainability and social responsibility. KJ has a growing number of staff around the country who can help,” explains Lora Sterner, Certified KJ Ecologist and Senior Scientist.

Through its membership, KJ will have the chance to expand its participation in WHC’s programs and initiatives, share best practices, and engage in collaborative projects that promote biodiversity and environmental sustainability. This move reinforces KJ’s commitment to embedding environmental considerations into its actions and promoting a harmonious coexistence between development and nature. 

 “It’s never too late to start this type of work,” advises Sterner. “But, the earlier we can incorporate conservation efforts into a project, the better the long-term return is for the local environment and community. There are so many short- and long-term actions we can take to really make a difference, and WHC provides a framework to take meaningful action.”  

 Since 2020, KJ has served as program manager for more than 50 unique projects across eight Gold-Certified Wildlife Habitat Council sites, including at a site located in Burlington Township, New Jersey featured by WHC in a recent article.  

For more information about Kennedy Jenks and its environmental initiatives, please visit https://www.kennedyjenks.com/services/natural-resource-management/ 

About Wildlife Habitat Council

The Wildlife Habitat Council is a non-profit organization that promotes and certifies wildlife habitat conservation and management on corporate lands. Through collaboration with corporations, communities, and conservation groups, WHC works to create partnerships and programs that enhance biodiversity and support sustainable development.

About Kennedy Jenks  

Kennedy Jenks is a leading water and environmental engineering and sciences firm that serves public agencies and private-sector clients with over 475 employees nationwide. The employee-owned firm delivers innovative design, construction, and technology solutions for water and environmental projects across the United States.

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