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Supporting Water Reuse in the Food Processing Industry: Kennedy Jenks Co-Authors Update to CLFP Manual of Good Practice for Land Application of Food Processing / Rinsing


Kennedy Jenks (KJ) announces their contributions and co-authorship with Brown and Caldwell, on behalf of the California League of Food Producers, to the “Manual of Good Practice for Land Application of Food Processing/Rinse Water.”

The manual provides technical and regulatory guidance for land application of food processing wastewater. The manual also provides water reuse guidance for irrigation of crops for the food processing industry in California, which uses a significant amount of potable water. Reuse of process wastewater for irrigation provides a valuable water resource in an area where agricultural water sources are limited.

The manual establishes the scientific and engineering basis and methods for good practice to achieve regulatory compliance and support environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable operations. Originally published in 2007, dischargers and regulators regularly use the manual in waste discharge requirement permits. Published in 2024, the revised manual reflects changing technology, regulations, and treatment methods; it was peer-reviewed by faculty at the University of California Davis and California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo.

There are so many opportunities for water reuse in food and beverage processing, and the reuse of process wastewater for irrigation is one of many. Our clients are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of their operations, meet their corporate ESG goals, reduce their environmental impact, and meet regulatory requirements. The manual provides the framework for food and beverage producers wanting to reuse their process wastewater onsite for land application on crops.

— Margaret Wild, KJ's Food and Beverage Sector Leader

The applications of these methods extend beyond food producers in California – wineries, beverage manufacturers, and more can benefit from smart reuse and enhanced management and reuse of their industrial wastewater.

In one project KJ worked on, beneficial reuse of wastewater was applied to 2,000+ acres of year-round cotton, tomatoes, corn, wheat, and forage production. The use of recycled industrial and municipal wastewater replaced the use of groundwater supplies that would otherwise be used for irrigation. Water is a valuable resource in California and reuse of industrial process wastewater for irrigation is an important step towards more sustainable food production processes.

— Margaret Wild, KJ's Food and Beverage Sector Leader

To access the updated report, click here: CLFP Updated Manual.



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