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Vehicle Assembly Plant

KJ assisted Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) submit an air permit application for major expansion project at SIA’s vehicle assembly plant. KJ worked closely with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to ensure the permit application contained the required information, and quickly answered questions so IDEM could issue the permit in a timely manner.

By expeditiously performing these activities, IDEM issued the permit in less than 6 months—a process than can typically take 8 to 12 months. Issuance of this permit allowed SIA to increase its plant output capacity by nearly 20%.

The work performed by the KJ team included:

  • Assistance with supporting SIA with preparation of several environmental reports due to the appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Air permitting support for future physical changes being considered by SIA for operations performed at the plant including preparing the plant’s Form R Report, annual Air Emission Report, and Tier II report
  • Preparation of a significant source /permit modification request, which included addressing previous operations that may not have been correctly referenced in the plant’s current Title V Operating Permit, as well as incorporation of future changes being proposed for the plant.

The preliminary list of changes to be addressed included:

  • Clarification of boilers permitted in 1989 versus installed boilers
  • Installation of three new natural gas fired boilers
  • Removal of “Bumper A” Thermal Oxidizer requirements
  • Incorporation of the use of TPX High Bake Repair coating materials
  • Incorporation of the use of Clearcoat coating materials in the repair operations
  • Replacement of Paint 2 TRO with a larger capacity RTO
  • Potential increase in Paint 2 Oven heat inputs
  • Inclusion of additional natural gas combustion devices
  • Inclusion of anew vehicle testing procedure on the Trim Line
  • Request to eliminate capture efficiency on Paint 2 Topcoat paint operation
  • Include reference to purge tank and solvent recovery tank
  • Include reference to new foam insertion process in the Bumper manufacturing area
  • Inclusion of a new waste oil storage tank in the Stamping Shop

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