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KJ reviewed our permits and associated compliance activities, and we determined where we needed additional attention to meet our company’s compliance goals.

— Confidential KJ Client


KJ’s environmental compliance practice assists companies in managing environmental requirements and procedures to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations. We support our clients with knowledge and understanding of potential environmental compliance requirements and the available methods to comply in a cost-effective way. KJ provides in-depth knowledge and experience with environmental policies, regulatory programs, permitting, and reporting.

Our team of environmental scientists and engineers have provided environmental compliance services for a wide variety of regulatory programs including:

  • Water
    • Stormwater (Planning, Permitting, Inspection)
    • Wastewater (Planning, Permitting, Inspection)
    • Water Quality Planning and Permitting
  • Air
    • Emissions Reporting
    • GHG Inventory
    • Permitting
  • Hazardous Waste (RCRA Compliance)
  • Spill Prevention
    • SPPC Plans and Inspections
    • Sludge Discharge Plans
  • NEPA
    • Environmental Assessment
    • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Environmental Assessments (Phase I and Phase II ESAs)
  • Environmental Management
    • ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems
    • Facility Inspections
    • Auditing
  • Emergency Planning (EPCRA, Emergency Response Plans)
  • Facilities
    • Inspection
    • Auditing
  • Environmental Permitting
    • Permit Scoping
    • Compliance
    • Agency Coordination
  • Permits
    • Air (Title V, Regional)
    • NPDES (Stormwater, Wastewater)
    • Wetlands
    • Land Use
    • Building/Construction


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