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StormCon 2014 – A Recap of Our Events


We wrapped up a fantastic week in Portland, Oregon at StormCon 2014, the North American Surface Water Quality Conference and Expo. Our team not only presented at seven separate sessions, KJ was also the sponsor for the Thursday bus tour to the Port of Portland, OR and Port of Vancouver, WA marine terminal facilities. We had a great turnout, but if you missed any of our presentations, below is a list of the subjects we covered, as well as the speakers who covered them:

  • Interim Stormwater Management at a Historical Mill Site by Gregg Bryden.
  • Biofiltration Stormwater Treatment for a Waterfront Log Sort Yard by Ben Fuentes
  • Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration for a Marine Cargo Handling Facility By Ben Fuentes
  • Stormwater Challenges and Solutions for Intermodal Facilities by Ross Dunning
  • All I Can Say Is “Gulp!” Stormwater Management Planning at the Port of Longview, WA by Alan Flemming.
  • With the Goal of Meeting Benchmarks: Selecting Treatment BMPs to Meet Industrial Stormwater General Permit Requirements at the Port of Vancouver, WA by Alan Flemming and Matt Graves (Port of Vancouver)
  • Pilot and Bench Scale Testing of Novel Treatment Media by Stephanie Bianco and Nathan Ward

The StormCon conference provides an opportunity to get together with folks representing all aspects of the stormwater field from across the country, including equipment vendors, regulatory agencies, municipal and industrial facility managers, and the most knowledgeable consultants in the industry (of course we are referring to KJ, this is our blog after all)! The food and entertainment were unmatched and we all learned a lot from the comprehensive workshops and presentations. Consider attending Stormcon 2015 in Austin, TX. They are already planning feverishly to try and top this year’s show, which was the biggest turnout on record!

Special thanks must also go out to our friends at the Port of Portland and the Port of Vancouver. The bus tour was a sold out success!

Our first stop was Port of Portland‘s Terminal 6 for an overview and demonstration of their super-successful previous pavement installation. This site is still functioning great and requiring very little maintenance after 8 years.

Next it was off to the Port of Vancouver for a look at the world’s largest industrial bio-infiltration facilities, their now-famous do it yourself roof runoff filtration system, the “Grattix.”, and their reconfigured Terminal 4 pond where the Port will be pilot testing one of the first industrial floating wetland stormwater treatment systems. Rumor has it, there was a rare sighting of the elusive Sasquatch, who drives a Subaru, who knew!

Tour participants
Tour participants prepare for a demonstration at Port of Portland Terminal 6. Image courtesy of Port of Portland.
Bus Tour participants
Bus Tour participants see a demonstration of water pouring onto porous pavement. Image courtesy of Port of Portland.
Elusive Sasquatch?
Is this the elusive Sasquatch, finally photographed, at the Port of Vancouver? Image courtesy of Port of Vancouver.

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