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Stormwater Projects Make Local and National News



KJ received notice that the Port of Tacoma’s project “Biofiltration – West Hylebos Log Yard” has been selected by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) to receive the 2014 Comprehensive Environmental Management award. The award was recognized at the AAPA Annual Convention in Houston, Texas in November.

AAPA Award Application Cover

You can download the AAPA Award application document for more site history, construction and implementation details, treatment system goals, and even a photo of stormwater samples collected at each stage of treatment. AAPA Award application – Port of Tacoma

The West Hylebos log yard stormwater treatment system was designed to treat pollutants that are difficult to remove, as well to be flexible for potential changes to future site use. The system continues to operate smoothly and the Port continues to meet stringent permit benchmarks.

Congratulations to Port of Tacoma and our KJ team who developed this innovative solution to a difficult problem!

NAFSMA 2014 Excellence in Communication Award


The National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA) announced the winners of its nationwide communications contest at the organization’s national conference in Boston. This contest was designed to recognize programs that not only provide examples of work regarding flood awareness, but also pollution prevention. KJ’s Terminal AKART and ISGP Corrective Action Guidance Manual prepared for the Washington Public Ports Association won First Place in the Improving Water Quality category. For background on this project, see our blog post from July 2014.

Port of Vancouver – Floating Wetlands to Help Treat Stormwater

For many years, KJ has supported the Port of Vancouver with their stormwater needs. One of our recent projects involving floating wetlands has been featured on the Port’s website. Check out their latest article about how they intend to use floating wetlands to help reduce metals in stormwater.

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KJ has recent, direct experience with the design and operation of the most up to date stormwater treatment technologies and can assist with determining what treatment solutions may be right for your facility. In many cases, stormwater treatment may not be necessary with the diligent implementation of operational and source control BMPs. Our assessments consider the pollutants of concern, their sources, and the operational needs of your specific facility.

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