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KJ’s Honolulu Stormwater Team Helping Maui Stay Beautiful


KJ Consultants has been supporting environmental & engineering projects in Hawaii for more than 55 years, with our current office serving the needs of our Hawaii and Pacific Rim clients since 1993.

Over the past six years, the KJ stormwater team in Honolulu has developed a portfolio of NPDES permit compliance projects for municipalities. Outstanding client service has resulted in increased responsibilities under long-term permit compliance programs and has strengthened KJ’s reputation as a premier stormwater permitting and design consulting firm in the Aloha State.

Covered stockpiles and bermed storm drains protect stormwater.
Covered stockpiles and absorbent socks around storm drains protect stormwater.

When the County of Maui’s (County’s) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) in the Kahului-Paia Urbanized Area became regulated under Phase II of the Clean Water Act’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program in 2014, the County turned to KJ to meet the aggressive timeline for development of the County’s Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) Plan. KJ continues to serve as Program Manager for the County’s MS4 permit program, and our role includes further development and management of permit-required programs, such as public education, outreach and involvement; storm drain system mapping and illicit discharge detection; County employee training; and construction, post-construction and good housekeeping best management practices.

Small screens prevent leaves from entering the storm drain system.
Small screens prevent leaves from entering the storm drain system.

Implementing a new MS4 permit program is a challenge, and the County had concerns regarding the scope and reach of the new permit requirements. KJ helped to develop a straightforward SWMP with clear goals and timelines so the County could map a reasonable pathway to meeting their permit requirements. KJ gathered leaders from various County departments early in the development of the SWMP to obtain County-wide buy-in, facilitate a positive working relationship with regulators, and tapped their strong relationships and knowledge of the Maui environmental advocacy community to seek public input early in the process.

Within three months of submittal of the County’s SWMP, the State Department of Health Clean Water Branch and Environmental Protection Agency contractors came calling to assess the County’s new program. The regulators commended the County for the progress made to date and the approaches that had been taken.

John Smith, PE, County of Maui Project Manager, had this to say:

“When the County of Maui was faced with implementing a new MS4 permit program, we tapped KJ Consultants to help procure the permit and assist with program implementation. We have found KJ to be a highly qualified partner in helping the County navigate the complexities of the permit requirements and a strong facilitator with regulators and stakeholders. In helping us implement the new permit program, they have done an outstanding job of evaluating County policies and programs, identifying “gaps” that need new program components to meet permit requirements, and helping us to develop a practical path to permit compliance.”

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