08.14.2018  |  News

KJ Consultants Announces Several Staff Promotions as the Firm Nears a Century of Delivering on Service, Purpose, and Trust


Keith London, President & CEO of KJ Consultants, has announced the promotion of 13 staff for their outstanding contributions to the firm. “KJ has one-hundred years of employee ownership, lasting client relationships, and service to communities…with a commitment to 100 more years,” said Keith. “Our success is built on a solid foundation of integrity, technical excellence, innovation, and personalized client service that has earned us an enviable record of 90-percent repeat business. We’re obviously proud of the high-level of client satisfaction and trust we maintain,” he said.

KJ is a multi-generational, employee-owned firm based on service to clients, employees driven by a purpose, and built on a foundation of earned trust that has endured for a century. Those services are focused on environmental engineering and sciences to meet needs of water, transportation, and industrial clients. KJ is a firm reflecting many disciplines, that can do many things; but everything they do is infused with purpose: the stewardship of natural resources, the creation of sustainable solutions, the health and safety of communities and employees, and the effective uses of human and physical capital. Their culture and approach to business helps attract and retain the best talent in the industry.


Promotions to Vice President

Ganesh Rajagopalan
Josh Sales
Dawn Taffler
Dean Wood

Promotions to Principal

Eassie Miller
Kyle Okino
Ben Rasa
Aileen Kondo
John Coffman
Steve Diamond
Todd Miller
Ron Walz

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