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Kennedy Jenks Employees Recognized For President’s Award


2019 President’s Award Recipients

Every year, President’s Awards for various categories of excellence are given out to deserving individuals in the company as well as in recognition of specific projects for their commitment to Health and Safety. These recipients were nominated by their peers and management for this prestigious award. Congratulations to the 2019 President’s Awards recipients and thank you for your continued dedication to excellence and Kennedy Jenks.

Kiersten Robbins – Outstanding Client Service Award


I am honored and humbled to receive the Outstanding Client Service Award. Thank you, leadership team, and Kennedy Jenks. I have spent my career building relationships with our clients, and those relationships (old and new) are the foundation of client service. Relationships make conversations easier when identifying if projects are going well or sideways, and when clients are uncomfortable or have challenges outside of our projects. Relationships can help us to meet others within our client organizations. I have always focused on getting to know our clients as people and have found that people will open up more easily when you are both comfortable with one another. For me, client service boils down to relationships. If you have those relationships and comfort, then, client service is easy.

Mark Minkowski – Outstanding Client Service Award


I would like to thank the leadership team and the employees of Kennedy Jenks for the recognition that comes with this award.  Client service is the foundation of what makes this a special place to do meaningful work, make a positive contribution in my community, and support our Company’s and clients’ goals. Kennedy Jenks has been built on long-term partnerships with our clients, and the centennial of the Company demonstrates how focused client service supports the strength and growth of Kennedy Jenks.  This is a great honor, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to our firm’s success.


Christel Poulos – Individual Health and Safety Award


I have been with Kennedy Jenks for 5 years now and I am honored to be awarded the Health and Safety Award from my colleagues at Kennedy Jenks and I would like to express my appreciation to them and Kennedy Jenks.  I feel very strongly that a portion of my responsibility of being a good receptionist is to keep my co-workers safe every day.  I feel that I am the “Gate Keeper” for the Sacramento Office.  Last year, just across the hall, there was an incident of an employee who was let go who threatened their former employer.  They went under lock down but did not warn anyone in the building about the lockdown.  I found out about it and I no longer felt that it was a safe environment for my co-workers or myself.  I felt we were very vulnerable with our door open every day.  The Sacramento Office has since installed a Ring Doorbell Alarm System on our front door and guests now must be let into the suite.  We also had the Sacramento Metro Fire Department come out and look at our Fire Alarm System to make sure that it was adequate under the fire codes for the building and to see if any changes needed to be made.  Katie McCoy was very influential in implementing the new safety program for the Sacramento office.

Fatima Hynson-Gooch – Individual Health and Safety Award


I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to those who nominated me for the President’s Individual Health & Safety Award.  It is very encouraging, and it makes me feel that my hard work is valued and recognized. I have been fortunate to learn various aspects to demonstrate safe behaviors on the job and details about safety equipment with Bert Drews and John Jindra’s guidance. I am so lucky to be in a position where I have the support from my co-workers who continue to encourage and challenge me to achieve my best as an administrative assistant with Kennedy Jenks. My health and safety practices goes beyond the work place.  I instill it into my children for positive awareness, confidence and motivation.


Katie Teague – Individual Health and Safety Award


Thank you for this award for individual health and safety contributions. Having a proactive safety culture is a critical part of our company and is embraced by all of the Kennedy Jenks teams I’ve worked with. Our staff understands that no one’s personal safety is ever sacrificed to get a job done quicker or easier. The Kennedy Jenks safety culture has encouraged me to watch out for my colleague’s safety and speak up about safety concerns, including stopping work if necessary.  Safety is crucial no matter where we are; in the office, in the field, or at home, safety is always the top priority. I am proud to contribute to our on-going safety goals. Here at Kennedy Jenks, safety isn’t just a rule to follow, it’s an attitude to live by.

Jill Aihara – Excellent Internal Client Service Award


Thank you for this year’s President’s Award for Internal Client Service. I was surprised and deeply honored to be one of the recipients. I am grateful to the folks who nominated me for their confidence in me and my work. Your passion and dedication inspire me to do my best. I am also grateful for the network of administrative professionals at Kennedy Jenks. Their unfailing support, “can do” attitude, and friendship are invaluable to me and I believe, are part of the reason for this award. I have been with Kennedy Jenks a long time (20 years!) and every day, I strive to meet the high bar set by those who helped and mentored me all those years ago. It is such a privilege I get to work with many of the smart and talented people in the different offices. And even though the award is for internal client service, I think of us as a great team. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for all your support.

Keith Parker – Excellent Internal Client Service Award


I appreciate being recognized for Excellent Internal Client Service, although I feel like I’m just doing my job and what’s expected to help Kennedy Jenks succeed and be a great place to work. I started at Kennedy Jenks nearly 40 years ago and was able to see firsthand what providing excellent service to both internal and external clients looks like. I could name a long list of “KJ’ers” including Richard Guglomo, Walt Gassman, Darrel DuPuy, and many others that served our outside clients while at the same time were always available to provide support and mentoring to me and many others internally. I believe that spirit of teamwork and support for each other is what has made Kennedy Jenks great for 100 years and I hope in some way I have continued that tradition.

Margaret Wild – Technical Excellence Award


I am very honored to receive the award for Technical Excellence. It has been a pleasure to work with the food and beverage team on engaging and exciting projects for wineries, food processors, and dairy facilities. It is evident that our client focused perspective helps us to meet client needs in a technically adequate and professional manner. I have always taken every opportunity to strengthen my technical abilities and learn from others within in Kennedy Jenks. It is wonderful to be a part of the Kennedy Jenks culture that allows us all to continually learn from each other.  This award is very special to me because it reflects the dedication and commitment that our food and beverage team has to each other and to our clients.

Milt Larsen – Technical Excellence Award


I was surprised and honored to receive the award for Technical Excellence.  I have enjoyed working with terrific people dedicated to improving the environment while serving our clients and communities.  I have had the great fortune of having Dick Guglomo and Bob Ryder as mentors.  Working at Kennedy Jenks has never been boring.  Kennedy Jenks has provided me the opportunity to work on a wide range of challenging projects ranging from a 2.5 mile long soft ground tunnel to corrosion control and groundwater treatment.  I appreciate the opportunities we have had to grow technically and professional through the company’s support of Technical Excellence and participation in professional societies such as AWWA.

Stuart Childs – Technical Excellence Award


I am honored and pleased to have received the award. Kennedy Jenks has a long history of supporting staff in providing high quality technical project work to address our clients’ needs and provide excellent service. I have been fortunate to work with client managers who insist on top quality work products and support some innovation and creativity. I am also privileged to receive this Award along with Milt Larsen, a water supply and water resources icon who has been involved in projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and has set high standards for all Kennedy Jenks work in his specialty area. Finally, Margaret Wild, the third 2019 award recipient, represents the next generation of technical excellence.

Cascadia Wastewater Treatment Plant Tehaleh- Project Health & Safety Award


The Greenfield Cascadia WWTP at Tehaleh serves a new master planned community in Tacoma, WA. Kennedy Jenks worked with NASH Cascadia Verde, LLC and Pierce County Public Works, both long term clients, to plan, permit, and design a new MBR treatment plant. The WWTP will discharge to rapid infiltration basins and supply Class A reclaimed water for local irrigation. Sized to allow staged increased capacity from the initial 1.0 mgd to a peak of 8.0 mgd by adding membrane units, equipment and process trains, the system defers major expansion until development occupancy increases. While managing stakeholder expectations, we performed business case evaluations for equipment and technology selections and managed multi-disciplinary design integrations. Kennedy Jenks is providing construction services as construction nears completion on this unique project that allowed us to grow our relationships with two separate clients. To date, the Cascadia WWTP project has had no safety incidents or lost days of work.



Congratulations again to each 2019 President’s Award recipient.



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